The List

The way we originally conceived the project, the restaurants we picked came from the phone book. We figured there would be a few places that weren’t in the phone book, but those could easily be dealt with as special exceptions. Unfortunately, as time passed, phone books went from old-fashioned but still serviceable to almost entirely useless. So we had to turn to other sources to build our list. No one source was close enough to comprehensive to serve as a primary reference, so we started compiling our own list, based on phone books, websites, and our own personal knowledge. This page contains the latest version of the list.

We’re posting the list here so that others can help us make it more complete, to give a sense of progress, and to give us something to update even if we don’t have the time to write full reviews. The list will never be 100% complete, and it will have holes as we discover or remember restaurants that we’ve already passed in the alphabet (we usually try to go back to those eventually).

If you see a restaurant that’s in Bloomington and not on the list, let us know, and we’ll add it, provided it fits several requirements:

  1. It must be in the city of Bloomington, Indiana. There are plenty of neighborhoods in the Bloomington metro area that aren’t technically in Bloomington, and I’m not just talking about Elletsville. For example, everything south of Rhorer Road isn’t in the city proper. Neither is most of the area to the west of the 37, with a few weirdly shaped exceptions around 3rd Street and the 45. We might make exceptions if we really want to eat somewhere, but we had to draw the literal* line somewhere, and this seemed like a good a place as any.
  2. They have to be restaurants. This means they have to prepare and serve meals which are meant to be eaten on the premises. This eliminates some, but not all, grocery stores, ice cream parlors, bakeries and candy shops. Basically, you have to be able to order breakfast, lunch, or dinner there, and they have to have seating and tables at which you can eat it. Also, they have to prepare the food themselves, so the row of vending machines in the basement of Ballantine Hall don’t count.
  3. They have to be essentially public. This means that places that are meant primarily to serve people staying at a hotel, residents of a nursing home, members of a private club, or students on a meal plan don’t count. We’re pretty lenient about this, so we haven’t eliminated restaurants in the food courts at the IMU or College Mall, but we’re not about to head into the dorm cafeterias. Basically, if people are going to look at us funny for not belonging, we probably won’t go there.

*The line is still a literal line, even if we didn’t literally draw it.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the list, updated February 22nd, 2015:

Restaurant Eaten? Written? Comments
American Chopstick Yes Yes Closed
Amrit India New. Same location as the old Bombay Cafe.
Anatolia Restaurant Yes Yes
Anyetsang’s Little Tibet Restaurant Yes Yes
Applebee’s Yes Yes
Arby’s Roast Beef Yes Yes
Asuka Yes Yes
Austin Riley’s Royal Pizza Works Yes Yes Closed
Aver’s Pizza Yes Yes
B-Town Diner Yes Yes
Baja Fresh In the IMU food court. We didn’t think of this one when we originally drew up the list.
Bajio Mexican Grill Yes Yes Closed
Baldy’s Pizza Yes Yes  Technically not in Bloomington
Bangkok Thai Cuisine Yes Yes
Bear’s Place Yes Yes
Bella Cucina Yes Yes Closed
Yes Yes
Big Mouth Subs Yes Yes Closed
Bloomingfoods Yes Yes
Bloomington Bagel Co. Yes Yes
Bloomington Sandwich Co. Yes Yes
Bob Evans Farms Restaurants Yes Yes
Bobby’s Colorado Steak House Yes Yes
Bobby’s Too Yes Yes Closed
Bombay Cafe Yes Yes Closed
Bombay House Yes Yes Closed
Brother’s Bar and Grill Yes Not yet
Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream Yes Not yet
Bucceto’s Smiling Teeth Restaurant Yes Not yet
Buffa Louie’s Yes Not yet
Buffalo Wild Wings Yes Yes
Burger King Yes Not yet
Butch’s Grillacatessen & Eatzeria Yes Not yet
C3  Yes  Not yet Hidden away in the Renwick Village housing complex. We found out about it after we passed it in the alphabet.
Cafe Pizzaria Yes Not yet
Casa Brava Yes Not yet
Chapman’s Restaurant & Bar Yes Not yet
Cheddar’s Casual Cafe Yes Not yet
Chick-Fil-A We are boycotting Chick-Fil-A because the company provides financial support to anti-LGBT organizations.
China Buffet Yes Not yet
China Wok Yes Not yet Technically not in Bloomington. Barely. But we ate there anyway.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chow Bar
Cloverleaf Family Restaurant
Coaches Bar and Grill
Cozey Table
Cracker Barrel
Crazy Horse
Dagwood’s Deli
Dairy Queen
Darn Good Soup
Delicious Thai Kitchen
Domo Steak & Sushi
Dragon Chinese Restaurant
Dragon Express
El Norteño
El Ranchero
Esan Thai Restaurant
Euro Deli
FARM Bloomington
Fatman’s BBQ Etc
Feast Bakery Cafe
Finch’s Brasserie
Five Guys
Fortune Cookies
Gandolfo’s Deli New York Delicatessen
Golden China
Golden Corral
Grazie Italian Eatery
Great Taste Buffet
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
Hardee’s Restaurant
Hinkle’s Hamburgers
Honey Baked Ham and Cafe
House of Hunan Chinese Restaurant
Hu Hot Mongolian Grill
India Garden
International Market
Irish Lion
Janko’s Little Zagreb
Japonee Express
Jimmy John’s
King Gyros Restaurant
Korea Restaurant
Kroger’s The east-side location added a dining area after the most recent remodeling.
La Charreada
La Torre Mexican Restaurant
Laughing Planet Cafe
Le Petit Cafe
Long John Silver’s
Longhorn Steakhouse
Lotus Garden
Lucky Express
Malibu Grill
Mama’s Restaurant
Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders
Mandalay Restaurant
Max’s Place
McAlister’s Deli
Mikado Japanese Restaurant
Moe’s Southwest Grill
Monroe County Pizza
Mother Bear’s Pizza
Mr. Hibachi
My Thai Cafe
Naughty Dog
Nick’s English Hut
No Coast Reserve
Noodle Town
Noodles & Company
Office Lounge
Olive Garden
Opie Taylors
Outback Steakhouse
Panda Express
Panera Bread
Peach Garden
Penn Station
Pizza Hut
Player’s Pub
Pour House Cafe
Qdoba Mexican Grill
Quaff On
Rachel’s Cafe
Rally’s Hamburgers
Red Chopsticks
Red Lobster Restaurant
Restaurant Ami Yes! Not yet The phone book had it listed as just “Ami”, so we ended up eating there really early.
Restaurant Tallent
Rockit’s Pizza
Roly Poly
Runcible Spoon
Rush Hour Station
Sake Bar
Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse
Scholar’s Inn Gourmet Cafe & Wine Bar
Scotty’s Brewhouse
Serendipity Martini Bar and Restaurant
Siam House
Smokin’ Jack’s Rib Shack
Snow Lion Restaurant
Sofra Cafe
Steak N Shake
Stir Fry 88
Sunny Palace
Sushi Bar
Sweet Claire
Sweet Grass Restaurant
Swing-In Pizza
Taco Bell
Taste of China
Taste of India
Texas Roadhouse
TGI Friday’s
Topo’s Restaurant
Trailhead Pizza
Trojan Horse
Truffles Fine Cuisine
Turkuaz Cafe
Upland Brewing Company
Upstairs Pub
Uptown Cafe
Village Deli
Wee Willie’s
Which Wich Superior Sandwiches
White Castle
Wings Xtreme
Yogi’s Grill & Bar
Z&C Teriyaki and Sushi Restaurant

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