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The List

So we’ve been quiet for a while. But we’ve been hungry too, so we didn’t stop eating our way through Bloomington. We’ve actually gotten past the “China”s already. We eat, write down notes, and take photos. The writing of the reviews takes time, and we’re really behind on that. We posted another review today, but who knows when the next will be. In any case, we figured somebody might want to look at our progress, even if we’re not reviewing, so we posted a page containing the complete alphabetical list. If the list is missing a restaurant, please let us know about it!

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We’re Back!

Well, sort of. After many years of slacking off, Kira and I (that’s Erik) have decided that this alphabetical restaurant thing was fun enough to try again.

We’re going to try and make it less involved than it was before so that it’s easier to keep going (and more fun). The biggest change is that we won’t be writing separate reviews for each restaurant. We’ll just write one combined review for each restaurant. To be more specific, Kira and I will eat at the restaurant as usual, take photos, and jot down some notes so that I can write up the review. Also, depending on how we feel, we might skip making a new trip to a restaurant we’ve eaten at many times before, but we’ll still draw up a review for it.

Many things have changed since we abandoned our poor readers (all dozen or so of you). Many of the restaurants that used to exist here have been closed down, replaced with something else (sometimes several times!), reopened somewhere else, undergone management changes, or remodeled. This means that some of our old reviews aren’t very relevant anymore. Also, now that we’ve eaten at many of those restaurants many times, our opinions may have… evolved a bit. We don’t want to get rid of all our old reviews, but we’ll address the issue by adding additional addenda to those posts.

Also, the phonebook we were using before would be hopelessly out of date now. So it’s a good thing that we can’t seem to find it. These days, one could argue that phonebooks in general are hopelessly out of date. And a quick look through the phonebooks we have seems to verify this. Many restaurants we know of aren’t listed in any of the phonebooks, and the ones that do appear often appear with different names and addresses. So while we’ll use the phonebooks to help us make sure we aren’t missing anything, we’ll no longer be treating them as scripture, and for the most part, we’ll just go by our own judgment.

And lastly, our blog seems to have suffered quite a bit of damage since we exported everything from the old server and tried to import it to the WordPress servers. All the text and some of the pictures in the galleries seem to be there, but the links have been completely corrupted and even some of the pictures that still exist have been totally fubared. So I’ll have to go back and fix all the posts. Once I get the old pages fixed, we’ll start uploading new reviews

Anyway, welcome back to Erik and Kira Eat Bloomington!

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